Announcing Hoop Vision Plus

A new, premium offering for Hoop Vision subscribers.

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Hoop Vision Plus — a premium subscription combining the best of Hoop Vision to help you watch college basketball smarter.

Subscribers to Hoop Vision Plus (shortened to HV+) will receive unlimited access to all Hoop Vision coverage, including new text, audio and video content fixtures for the 2019-20 season.

Between detailed newsletters, X’s and O’s video breakdowns and exclusive podcast episodes, HV+ subscribers receive an inside look at the what, how, and why of college basketball — and will gain full access to new subscriber-only game chats, expanded scouting threads, gameplan intel and much more, along with subscriber-only discounts on any future Hoop Vision products.

Launching officially on Monday (Sept 30th) with the first edition of our season preview series, HV+ is now available for signup, and our earliest supporters (who subscribe between now and Monday) will receive a bonus package which includes entry in a Hoop Vision giveaway contest, an invitation to a VIP meetup event at the Final Four, and behind-the-scenes “supporter update” emails from the Hoop Vision team.

A subscription to Hoop Vision Plus will cost $10 per month or $100 annually (e.g. two free months for annual subscribers!) and supports independent college basketball coverage which does not rely on advertising or athletic department subsidies.

Want to understand more about the strategy, planning and reasoning that went into HV+ and our subsequent plans for it?

Listen to our launch announcement podcast (iTunes // YouTube) for more details and breakdown of how things will unfold — along with an inside look at the development of Hoop Vision.

Got questions? Here are some answers.

Q: How does signup work? Who is getting access to my information?
A: Great question. We are using a platform called Substack to deliver and distribute the newsletter and audio/video content to subscribers. Payment is made on the Substack platform, but all transactions are handled through Stripe, a highly trusted and secure portal for online transactions that powers most e-commerce sites. All we receive is your basic subscriber information (e.g. name and email address); credit card information is all encrypted and anonymized.

Q: Wait, so does this mean all Hoop Vision content is now behind a paywall?
A: No, this does not mean that! The Hoop Vision Weekly will remain free and open to all, delivered every Friday throughout the season. And while HV+ will take priority and include the best, most substantive content, the @hoopvision68 Twitter account, Solving Basketball podcast and Hoop Vision YouTube channel will all still be operating.

Q: Who is the target audience for Hoop Vision Plus?
A: Like all Hoop Vision coverage, the mission of HV+ is to advance understanding and critical thinking around college basketball. And like all coverage, we find this attracts a healthy mix of college coaches, hoops fans, high school coaches, and analytically-minded sports fans. As the community and audience around HV+ grows and takes form, we’ll be very mindful in making sure that coverage has value for all subscribers.

Q: What was the thought process behind the pricing model?
A: Rest assured, A LOT of thought went into this price, both monthly and annually. But in short, the price reflects the quality and care put into the offering, along with detailed projections on what it will take to run a sustainable digital sports media business.

Bonus: if you want to know more and get really into the details on how we came to the price, you can listen to our launch announcement podcast here to learn more.

Q: I love Hoop Vision and I am subscribing to HV+ right now. How else can I help?
A: (blushing) First off — thank you for your support! In terms of how you can help, we welcome all supporters to share this announcement with their friends, colleagues and online community (and if enough demand exists, we may even explore the opportunity to launch some sort of referral program).

We are also ALWAYS interested in feedback or suggestions on how to improve the HV+ product, or new ideas on what value we can provide to Hoop Vision supporters.

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