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Led by former Division I analytics & video specialist Jordan Sperber, Hoop Vision has grown into a leading voice in the college basketball media landscape, bringing substance and perspective to an industry rife with cliche and tired narrative.

For the 2019-20 season, we are launching Hoop Vision Plus (shortened to HV+), a subscription product which includes a premium newsletter, exclusive audio and video, community features, and direct access + Q&A’s with Jordan.

With a data-driven, video-heavy approach, Hoop Vision brings you coverage through the eyes of a college basketball coaching staff. Content ranges from pregame scouting threads on Twitter to newsletter deep dives into specific systems and topics, to comprehensive breakdowns of offensive systems on YouTube.

An invaluable resource for coaches/scouts and passionate fans alike, Hoop Vision coverage provides a blend of statistical analysis, video coverage, and insider access to leading coaches and voices in the college basketball community.

Want to get a better feel for Hoop Vision content before subscribing to Hoop Vision Plus or signing up for our weekly free newsletter? Here’s a quick sampling of some favorites:

Along with all that, a Twitter feed (@hoopvision68) with real-time analysis, scouting threads, and ever-popular research and leaderboards on Division I programs and coaches


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While much of the Hoop Vision output will be free for all readers/viewers, we’ll begin to roll out a paid newsletter as we approach the 2019-20 season, along with special projects (think e-books, webinars, research reports) and community features (think in-game chats, Q&A sessions, community competitions) — and those special projects and features will only be available to paid subscribers.

What sort of projects? Think of more bite-sized editions of our 2019 “Tournament Bible” ebook, to start…